Voice Commands

The use of speech recognition technology enables users to operate our robots faster and more conveniently in many situations. Operator-independent voice control is based on the latest technologies of artificial intelligence, especially neural networks. The system responds to natural language similar to many home automation systems, without the need to teach the system your individual voice or commands. Voice Commands means that even less experienced operators can easily carry out defusing tasks with the robot and concentrate on the essentials. Our system also offers advantages for experienced users — instead of searching for commands in submenus, the operator simply calls out a voice command, allowing their hands to stay ready on the joysticks. Unlike other voice activation systems, our speech recognition does not require access to the internet and is instead securely processed within our system. We see great potential in this future technology for further simplifying the control of our robots, and we will continue to advance the technology.


Click here to download the Voice Commands data sheet.

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