EOD robot telemax PLUS

It sometimes needs a boost!

telemax PLUS: the latest member of the telemax family



  • functionality
  • power
  • payload
  • endurance


  • increased lifting capacity up to 75 kg
  • 4-chain drive running gear with a top speed of up to 4 km/h
  • world-famous telemax manipulator arm with its outstanding capabilities such as TCP control and automatic tool change
  • great choice of same batteries, tools, accessories and sensors as for all members of the telemax family
  • up to 12 h of continuous operation time (4 Li-ion batteries 40 Ah)

Technical data

Length: 860 mm (system in packing position)
Width: 680 mm
Height: 765 mm (system in packing position w/o options)
Weight: 112 kg (w/o battery, w/o accessories)
Speed:  max. 4 km/h
Drive:  4 flippers with chains
Turning circle: approx. 1100 mm
Mobility (slopes):  45° (depending on surface)
Mobility (stairs):  45°
Mobility (obstacle height):  400 mm
Mobility (gap width):  500 mm
Universal interface:  5
Firing channel:  3
Fording depth:  248 ... 520 mm (depending on flipper position)
Payload:  70 kg (totally)
Power supply:

NiMh battery: 24 V, 17 Ah; 10 kg; up to 4 pcs.
Li-ion battery: 26 V, 13.2 Ah; 3.7 kg; up to 8 pcs.
Li-ion battery: 26 V, 40 Ah; 8.6 kg; up to 4 pcs.

telemaxPLUS TZ1

telemaxPLUS TZ2

telemaxPLUS TZ3