Gripper PRO for EOD robot tEODor

Extended performance

Our new gripper for tEODor



  • Camera with wide angle lens and LED lighting
  • Integrated laser rangefinder
  • Integrated video input
  • Integrated data interface
  • Exceptionally well-built housing including protection against wear
  • Optimized shape of gripper jaws
  • Measurement of gripper opening width

Your benefits

  • Wider field of view and bright lighting
  • Exact display of distance to the object on the control panel
  • Automatic tool change for NBC detection equipment, inspection cameras and aiming systems
  • Data transmission via video input or data interface without disturbing cables
  • More reliability when gripping round and/or smooth objects
  • Display of opening width when opening or closing gripper

Technical data

Compatibility with tEODor systems: Upgrade by Telerob service
Compatibility with gripper holders: All holders for firing systems, tools and detectors
Gripper tilt: +120°, -95°
Gripper turn: -/+ infinite
Gripper opening width: 300 mm
Gripper closing force: 600 N
Gripper payload: 30 kg
Speed gripper turn: 6,75 U/min
Data interface: RS 485
Tool power: 24 V max. 2 A
Video input: 1Vpp, FBAS, PAL
Switch contact free of potential: 1 A
Camera with wide angle lens: 976 x 582 pixels
Light intensity LED: Adjustable in 5 steps
Laser rangefinder: Gripper tip up to 4 m

tEODorGreifer 2

tEODorGreifer 3