Control station Robo Command

The modern control station „Robo Command“ allows a uniform operating concept for the EOD robot tEODor EVO and all models of the telemax EVO family


Our new large EOD robot tEODor EVO combines all the proven features of its predecessor tEODor with latest, advanced technologies.

telemax family

The very latest generation of remote-controlled manipulators is characterized by unrivaled manipulation, climbing and all-terrain capabilities. Featuring different drive systems and manipulators, the five members of the telemax family specialize in different fields, yet can still be used universally.

Service vehicles

Our service vehicles are used around the world to combat criminal and terrorist threats.

System solutions

Criminal and terrorist attacks are becoming increasingly complex and technically sophisticated. The prevention and combating of such hazards requires intelligent system solutions.

Networked service vehicles

These networked vehicles boast individual functions for investigation and inspection, explosive ordnance disposal, removal of improvised explosive devices, baggage screening and CBRN defence.