Control station Robo Command

Telerob tEODorEVO 9849


The modern control station „Robo Command“ allows a uniform operating concept for the EOD robot tEODor EVO and all models of the telemax EVO family. Thus, operations of all robots within a fleet can be done via just one Robo Command, permitting multi-robot operation. The control station is comprised of a communication unit, a controller and associated radio equipment.

The communication unit is made up of a hand-luggage-sized PELI case. During transport, the case not only houses the controller, but also the radio components, the telescopic mast, a power supply unit and the electronics for the communication unit including a battery. When in use, the telescopic mast is affixed to the communication unit along with the radio components, enabling the antennas to reach a height of approximately 1.8 m (5.9 ft) when extended. The communication unit offers several connections: such as a PSU connection, an ethernet connection with PoE and a voltage connection. The controller consists of a multi-touch screen and two lateral operating blades, each fitted with a 3-axis joystick and a control pad. Both the operating interface and the video streams transmitted by the camera(s) are shown on the multi-touch screen, providing a quick and complete overview of all the information and functions. The set-up of the user interface is self-explanatory and permits intuitive operation based on the applications we’re all familiar with from the world of tablets and smartphones.

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