These highly-mobile and rapid vehicles offer space for a telemax and other equipment for investigation, reconnaissance and intervention. Used for initial response, this vehicle class ensures that the emergency services arrive at their destination in the shortest time possible and can quickly initiate preliminary measures. Ideally, reconnaissance vehicles (TEL610) form a team with larger emergency vehicles (TEL640). With their versatile, essential IED equipment, TEL610 vehicles are also the perfect support vehicles for VIP convoys. These vehicles can also be armor-plated on request.


  • Rapid, small service vehicle for investigation, reconnaissance and intervention
  • Customized storage concept and equipment integration
  • Designed for the transport of one EOD robot telemax EVO
  • Perfect integration of the control station Robo Command for safe operation of the EOD robot from the service vehicle

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  • Short response times even in hard-to-reach environments
  • Best driving characteristics due to optimization of load distribution
  • Ergonomic and mission-focused operation of the EOD robot
  • Increased radius of robot operation by optimal integration of radio technology

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