This truck with its generously sized box body is characterized above all by its generous amount of space. At least two robots and a full range of equipment can easily be stored in the body. A separate command room between the driver's cab and the workshop enables up to five emergency personnel to work in privacy. TEL640 emergency vehicles are preferably used at airports or in environment suburbs for bomb disposal tasks, but also for CBRN defense.


  • Fully equipped EOD vehicle with box body
  • Customized storage concept and individual integration of the extensive equipment
  • Designed for the transport of several EOD robots
  • Separated work areas with optimal equipment such as air conditioning, electricity, water, information and communication systems
  • Perfect integration of the control station Robo Command for safe operation of the EOD robots from the service vehicle
  • Video management system for displaying, documenting and analysing the operations

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  • Generous space with spacious work areas
  • Decades of expertise in mission and work-oriented vehicle solutions
  • Practical and fast loading of the individual components
  • Ergonomic and mission-focused operation of the EOD robot
  • Integrated operating and control room for ergonomic and mission-focused operation of the EOD robots
  • Large movement radius of the robot by optimal integration of the radio technology
  • Permanent operational readiness of the EOD robots and equipment due to intelligent charging management

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