This armor-plated vehicle offers comprehensive protection and the maximum possible space for robots, equipment and the control center. Our TEL650 represents the most logical kind of armor-plated vehicle, since the direct access from the driver’s cab to the working area means it is not necessary to leave the protected vehicle. The emergency forces are optimally protected against attacks both while driving and during the operation. Other safety features include bullet-proof tires, a protected fuel tank and a protected engine.


Special service vehicle featuring e.g.

  • driver's cab and box body protected according to STANAG 4569
  • explosion proof chamber for the transport of explosives
  • airlock for sampling of hazardous substances via robot
  • integrated baggage and body scanners for setting up mobile check points
  • overpressure protection system and analysis technology for CBRN defense
  • extensive communication technology for the coordination of complex hazard situations as command room

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  • Planning and realization of customized individual solutions by our specialists
  • Decades of expertise in mission and work-oriented vehicle solutions
  • Holistic project management from a single source

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