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State-of-the-art technology in proven Telerob quality

The very latest generation of remote-controlled manipulators is characterized by unrivaled manipulation, climbing and all-terrain capabilities. Featuring different drive systems and manipulators, the five members of the telemax family specialize in different fields, yet can still be used universally.

All of these vehicles – except for telemax RECCE – boast the revolutionary precision manipulator with Tool Center Point Control, a tool magazine with automatic tool change and countless preprogrammed motion sequences. The large selection of interchangeable accessories for all members of the telemax family enables adaptation to the most diverse applications and specific tasks.


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telemax family

telemax EVO 4x4


The starter version with a broad wheelbase and 4-wheel drive for rapid deployments on challenging terrains and delicate flooring requiring protection.

telemax family

telemax EVO PRO


A truly versatile robot capable of handling significant gradients and obstacles. It boasts an impressive manipulator reach, both vertically and horizontally, combined with minimal dimensions. Perfect for deployments in built-up areas and confined spaces.

telemax family

telemax EVO HYBRID


The combination of a powerful arm and compact dimensions for the toughest challenges.

telemax family

telemax EVO PLUS


Our largest and strongest telemax - its exceptional ability to handle gradients and terrains makes it ideal for a broad range of applications.

telemax family

telemax RECCE


Compact and high-performance reconnaissance system without a manipulator, provides detailed information from the site, especially when equipped with our autonomy/3D mapping accessory.


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