telemax4x4 introtelemax 4x4

telemax with wheels:
Versatile and cost-efficient!

The starter version with a broad wheelbase and 4-wheel drive for rapid deployments on challenging terrains and delicate flooring requiring protection.


  • Precision 6-axis manipulator with TCP control and automatic tool change
  • Rugged four-wheel drive
  • Top speed of up to 11.5 km/h (7 mph)
  • Wide wheelbase with increased surface contact
  • Lifting capacity up to 20 kg (44 lbs.)
  • More than 16 pre-programmed automatic manipulator motion sequences
  • Interchangeability of accessories within the telemax family, e.g. batteries, tools, cameras and sensors


  • Intuitive control of complex manipulator movements
  • Safe driving with high speed even on difficult terrain
  • Optimized wheel profiles help to keep floor surfaces pristine
  • Precise handling of the manipulator in all directions without a tendency to tip
  • Easy access to predefined automatic motion sequences
  • Excels in a wide variety of applications