Our new large EOD robot tEODor EVO combines all the proven features of its predecessor, tEODor, with the latest, advanced technologies. In addition to a large number of technical developments, especially in the areas of radio and camera technology, the innovative operating concept Robo Command ensures that the operator intuitively interacts with the robot. This allows the operator to focus on all disposal tasks, combating CBRN threats as well as tackling industrial applications. The tEDOor EVO inherited its reliability from lessons learned from its predecessor. In terms of power, it has a lot to offer: lifting objects up to 130 kg are no problem for the tEODor EVO.

Excellent off-road capability

Strong lifting capacity


  • Successor of the proven EOD robot tEODor
  • Programmable 6-axis manipulator with linear axis, payload of up to 130 kg (287 lbs.)
  • Modern, sustainable operating concept Robo Command with multi-touch screen and ergonomic design
  • Fully integrated IP Mesh radio transmission with optional repeaters
  • Onboard tool magazine allows for remote tool exchange
  • Universal interfaces connect to all current firing systems
  • Accessories and special tools compatible with previous model tEODor
  • HD pan/tilt cameras and picture-in-picture function
  • LED lighting and GPS module
  • Gripper with integrated laser rangefinder, video input and data interface
  • Fully integrated 2-way audio module
  • Temperature range from -20° C to 60° C


  • Popular with many specialists worldwide and extensively used by police, military and industry
  • Highly mobile and capable of dealing with very heavy objects
  • Intuitive handling, based on applications known from tablets and smartphones
  • Stable transmission of radio signals covering large territories
  • Adaptable to the specific requirements in the hazard area at the push of a button
  • Easily configured to the most diverse fields of application
  • High-resolution image quality
  • Cameras and detectors can be placed in the gripper, exact distance to target is relayed to operator
  • Reliable two-way communication
  • Usable under virtually all ambient conditions in the world

Click here to download the tEODor EVO data sheets.

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